Lifelines Scotland


We have a vision to make training in wellbeing and resilience, peer and post trauma support mainstream within the emergency service community. We’re working with training colleagues in the services and with NHS Education for Scotland and Public Health Scotland to provide an integrated national training plan.

From recruitment to retirement, promotion to specialist role, you will then have the information and skills you need to look after yourself, your colleagues and the public.

Our courses

Our team of training advisors are working with ambulance, fire, police and volunteer organisations to plan the delivery of our courses.

To find out more about the Lifelines workshops being run in your service please check with your training teams or get in touch with our advisors.
  1. Lifelines Scotland – An introduction to the project (1 hour)
  2. Staying Well Road Trip - A guide to resilience for responders in Scotland (30 – 40 minutes)
    • Ambulance • Fire & Rescue • Police • Volunteers
  3. Staying Well – Understanding Resilience and Self-Care (3 hours)
  4. Supporting your Colleagues (6 hours)
  5. Supporting your Team: Training for managers (6 hours)
  6. Post trauma support & Psychological First Aid (6 hours)

Our advisors

Dave Anderson
Training Advisor Ambulance
Email Dave
Paul Weatherburn
Training Advisor Fire
Email Paul
Leni Rademacher
Training Advisor Police
Email Leni
Stephen Penny MBE
Training Advisor Volunteers
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