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By supporting your employee to be an volunteer emergency responder, you are helping to provide a vital service to your community.

Our Volunteer Emergency responders perform a range of essential emergency services. Around our coast and on our waterways, hills and mountains. Locally and internationally they provide search and rescue services, urgent medical care and much more.

Our blue light responders also have volunteer colleagues, many of whom have other occupations.

With Police Scotland, the Special Constable role is diverse and demanding, they could be policing a football match or attending a road traffic collision.

The Ambulance Service have Community First Responders (CFRs) who are volunteers responding to provide emergency health response in their communities.

The Fire Service employ On Call Fire Fighters, who deliver the same range of emergency services as their wholetime colleagues, including attending fires, floods, road traffic collisions, chemical spills and more.

All of them could not do it without your assistance and support. We have created tailored documents for each service but please also have a look at the rest of this website to get a better understanding of the challenges your employee faces and what you can do to help.

Thank you for being part of the wider emergency responder family.