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Thank you for the support you provide every day.

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A poem for family and friends

By Keri, SAS Paramedic
There will be good days
There will be bad days 
There will be happy days
There will be sad days
But on all of these days they come home to you
Please understand this is the career they choose to pursue
Some will want to talk
Some will not
Some will want to go for a run
Others just sit on their bum
However they choose to unwind
Please be gentle, please be kind
The job they are doing can be terribly tough 
And knowing you are there for them is more than enough.

Listen to the poem here

Your service, your Lifelines

Visit the web pages of Lifelines Scotland Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Police or Volunteer Responders for extra resources tailored to each service and more information about the specific help available from different organisations.