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As well as the resources in our advice and support pages we've  created a range of quick guides that offer advice on a range of topics.

Finally, we’ve collected some of the things that help us understand wellbeing and mental health - books, films, music and other things to lift the spirits!

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Our Quick Guides

Books by or for responders

Dan Farnworth: 999 My life on the Frontline of the Ambulance Service

Natalie Harris: Save-My-Life-School

John Sutherland: Blue – Keeping the peace and falling to pieces +
Crossing the Line – Lessons from a Life on Duty

Sabrina Cohen Hatton: The Heat of the Moment

Jessica K. Miller: The Policing Mind

Books on general mental health & wellbeing

Rotime Akinsete: This Book Could Help – the Men’s Head Space Manual

Katie Columbus (Samaritans): How to Listen - tools for opening up conversations when it really matters most.

World Health Organisation:  Doing What Matters in Times of Stress (

Tim Cantopher: Stress-Related Illness – Advice for people who give too much

Tim Cantopher: Depression – Curse of the Strong

Steven Southwick and Dennis Charney: Resilience – The science of mastering life’s challenges

Steve Haines: Trauma is Really Strange

Claudia Zayfert and Jason deViva: When Someone You Love Suffers from Posttraumatic Stress

Aphrodite Matsakis: Loving Someone with PTSD

Matt Haig: Notes on a Nervous Planet

Matt Haig: Reasons to Stay Alive

James Withey and Olivia Sagan: The Recovery Letters – Addressed to people experiencing depression

Chip Conley: Emotional Equations – Simple Truths for creating happiness + success

William Sieghart: The Poetry Pharmacy – Tried and true prescriptions for the heart, mind and soul

Alain de Botton: Art as Therapy

Staying Alive – Real Poems for Unreal Times
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Films and music

OPERATOR (about working in fire control)

BLOOM – an animation about loneliness and hope

PIPER -  an animation about perseverance

INSIDE OUT (trailer) understanding our emotions

OPENING DOORS -Trauma-informed practice for the workforce (NHS Education for Scotland)

SOWING SEEDS – Trauma-informed practice for anyone working with children and young people (NHS Education for Scotland)

STRESS AND THE BRAIN – a rap explanation  

ASK, TELL - SAVE A LIFE – Look after your mental health (NHS Education for Scotland)

ASK, TELL - SAVE A LIFE – Have a healthy conversation (NHS Education for Scotland)

ASK, TELL - SAVE A LIFE – Every life matters (NHS Education for Scotland)

UK Trauma Council film on Childhood trauma

THE GIFT & POWER OF EMOTIONAL COURAGE inspiring TED Talk by psychologist Susan David  
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A few things to lift your spirit

Paris Opera Ballet: Dancing at home

William Letford: This Is It

Aerial footage of Scotland

Beaver munching cabbage (listening is said to reduce stress levels by up to 17%!)  

Sneezing Panda
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Visit the web pages of Lifelines Scotland Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Police or Volunteer Responders for extra resources tailored to each service and more information about the specific help available from different organisations.