Volunteers enjoy Wellbeing Weekend in Stirling

On the weekend of 4-6th March 2022 Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR) brought together 25 volunteers from teams across Scotland to attend face-to-face learning at a Wellbeing Weekend based in Stirling.

 Delegates were offered two options: Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA) (2 days) or the suite of Lifelines Scotland courses (2 days).  This was a great opportunity for us to deliver all three Lifelines courses over the space of the two days. Within the delegate mix we were joined by a family member and also colleagues from the Coastguard and St Andrew’s First Aid.

“It was a brilliant weekend. I came into the course with high expectations and these were exceeded!”

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive about both the subject material and also the opportunity to get back (at long last) to face-to-face training.  Delegates specifically commented on the importance of this subject area for looking after ourselves, our colleagues, and also those who we go out to help in many situations.  

This weekend was part of an ongoing programme run by SMR to help facilitate learning opportunities for teams across the country providing the chance to network and share best practice.

You can find out more about Scottish Mountain Rescue on their website.