Lifelines Scotland

Advice and support

It’s not an accident that most of the time you’re able to cope with what life throws at you, at work and at home. In our Why I’m ok most of the time section learn more about resilience, positive coping, social support and good management.

We all have mental health and responders are not invincible. Psychological injury is an occupational hazard. In our When I might need some help section learn how to spot your warning signs and what you can do to manage them.

Good social support is at the heart of human wellbeing and the factor most likely to protect people following trauma exposure.  If you have concerns for a colleague, then we have provided some advice in the section I’m worried about someone else

Finally, if you are  part of the wider emergency responder community, employ or provide professional support to a responder take a look at our section for friends, family and supporters

Your service, your Lifelines

Visit the web pages of Lifelines Scotland Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, Police or Volunteer Responders for extra resources tailored to each service and more information about the specific help available from different organisations.